Tips on Taking Care of Your Car on the Road

Running a vehicle is one thing, keeping the vehicle running is another thing, keeping the vehicle running in good condition is a whole different world. TV ads might give you the wrong idea that keeping a conditioned car requires you to buy a magic liquid that will keep your cars shining like an armored knight from the fairy tales. And that is that, a fairy tale.


Proper care and maintenance keeps your vehicles functional even if you reach six-figure mileage. Only with regular maintenance and lubrication, using oils, liquids and greases that are mandated by your vehicle’s manufacturer, will keep your car in tip top condition. Replacement of parts is also necessary, because no matter how much you are careful with your vehicles, the normal wear-and-tear should decrease the parts’ effectiveness.

Without further ado, below are some tips:

Change oil – Check and change your oil in regular basis. This is one of the most important things to do if you want your engine to maintain its condition. Neglecting your oil status, will actually destroy your engine much faster than you can estimate.

Cooling system – Change the coolant and flush the cooling system annually. The usual formula is mixing 50% part distilled water, and 50% part coolant, and pour it down your cooling system to keep the system in great shape and to prevent corrosion and deposits from building up from the inside of the cooling system.

Transmission and differential oils – This does not require much service, but you must keep these fluids when you submit your vehicle to services. Make sure that the replacement transmission fluid, or gear oil is within the specs recommended by the manufacturer. Moving parts need grease, so keep them well-oiled.

Cleanliness – Washing your vehicle will just clean the exterior, not the underside. Hose off the mud and the winter salt under your car, as this is sometimes neglected when cleaning off your vehicle.

Waxing – Cleaning is not enough, you must apply some coat of quality wax to not just put some shine on your car, but also protect it from natural corrosive elements found in dews, rain, and even on air.


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