The Search for the Cheapest Garage in Britain

Is going to the cheapest garage in Britain a wise investment to cut costs on your car repairs? Well, it varies. had discussed on a data gathered all over Britain in search of the cheapest garage, and it turns out that a place in Orkney Islands offers the lowest price range for their services. In contrast, Twickenham, West London offers the most expensive car repair prices. A round trip travel from Twickenham, West London to Kirkwall, Orkney is 1,400 miles, so it is going to be a long drive to cash in on less expensive car repair.

Cheapest Garage in Britain

Charges on labour alone in Twickenham, West London will cost you at around £141 per hour while at Kirkwall, Orkney is around £44 per hour. In fact, the average cost in London is £101 and £84.30 for the entire UK. The information is coming from, a car warranty firm who examined six months of used data of 2,300 car repairs on 1,300 garages in the UK.

It turns out that there is a huge difference in regional garage labour rates in the UK according to Motoring journalist Quentin Willson. Although it is expected that prices in London is the most expensive due to higher costs, it is still baffling to think the three times price difference over other counties. Quentin Willson added that it would be wise to compare labour rates and shop around for lower repair rates especially for older cars. If you think of it, it can be quite inconvenient to go at a garage away from your place, but if you factor in the discrepancy in the labour costs it may save you hundreds!

Additionally, regional areas like East Anglia and the South of England offer the second and third most expensive car repair costs at an average of £88.75 and £86 per hour. While the North East and Wales came in as the second and third less expensive areas at £76.33 and £77 respectively. The average rate in Scotland is around £71.42 but with differences in Kirkwall at £44 and Motherwell at £94.


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