Why Do You Need an MOT Service?

An MOT Test is a required necessity by the law for vehicles which are three years or older. MOT Test stands for Ministry of Transport Test, an annual safety check for the said vehicles. MOT Tests certifies that the vehicle passes the safety guideline as mandated by the law.


Only a person authorized by the Vehicle and Operator Services (VOSA )can perform the MOT Test. This nominated person will inspect and perform an extensive series of checks of the vehicle, its interior, exterior, and under the hood and even under the vehicle. These checks are recorded and then analysed. When the vehicle passes, the owner is given a VT20 “pass” certificate. However, if the vehicle fails to meet standards, a VT30 “failure” certificate is issued.

The owner is also given with advisory on parts that are substandard but still able to pass the minimum criteria. These are mentioned on the “advisory” items written in the VT20 document. It is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle to keep the vehicle examined every twelve (12) months. A current VT20 certificate is needed for you to operate your vehicle lawfully. This is also required in renewing your road fund license.

In this digital age, the MOT testing system by the Vehicle and Operator Services are connected with the police, hence, they can remotely check if your vehicle has a current MOT certificate. During accidents, MOTs are seldom asked for investigation. If you are unable to reproduce an MOT during accidents, you may not claim insurance from your insurance company in case of injury or other claimable benefits.

WBS Motors have fully certified personnel by the Vehicle Operator Services who can perform the MOT Test. WBS Motors are also approved by the agency to carry MOT Tests. You can set an appointment and we can perform MOT test one month prior to the expiry of your previous MOT test.

WBS Motors also offer other services for your vehicle. And since you are already waiting for an MOT result, you can always ask for additional services for your vehicle, whatever you need, saving you all the hassle of separate services.