How to Avoid Getting Ripped off at the Garage

People with limited motoring knowledge and experience may find it costly and confusing to visit car repair garages. Perhaps, even those who are quite familiar with the experience may at times get baffled from all the recent technological tools and techniques in today’s modern garage. These would lead most of us to fully rely on the expertise of the professional mechanic. And thus, would open the doors to rip offs and sharp practice.


5 Tips on How Not to Get Ripped Off at the Garage

An online post featured at the financial website had discussed about tips on how to get the best deal out of your garage visit. Here’s what they have highlighted:

Check for Guarantees

Normally, trustworthy garages would offer guarantees on their services. So before you hand over your money, be sure to check that all parts and work are guaranteed for at least one year.

Ask Them the Exact Process to be Done

In times when some parts of your car are in need of changes, it would be wise to ask the garage to explain the process that they are doing. They should be able to explain the process to you thoroughly and you should be able to understand clearly why they are doing it. This would eliminate any confusion and surprises at the end of the repairs.

Ask for Recommendations

Asking referrals from friends and family members still is the best way to find the right garage for you. Make sure though that they drive the same car or manufacturer as you are.

Research on their Qualifications

Information about the qualifications and work history of technicians are not that hard to find online these days. It would be helpful if you can research in advance if they are part of any industry trade bodies or associations. These trade associations adhere to certain standards that most garages highlight their membership and use as selling point.

Keep the Receipt

Always ask for a receipt for any services that you have paid for and be sure to keep it. Keeping a record of your service history can be advantageous in adding value to your car. A service log record for your main dealer can give up to £400 in resale value to your car.


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