Determining Legit Car Repair Shops

Auto repair is a pain, a very expensive pain. And you are not sure if the repair shop is actually giving you a necessary service or they are just charging you with ridiculous fees for a job that you can actually perform. Below are the tips that should help you as a consumer to make better choices and also for clear cut communication with the shop you chose for services.


1.) Research – Knowledge is power, and you need all the information necessary. Once you enter the repair shop, you know what to expect. You will not have that confused look when the repair shop workers mention an auto buzzword! The first thing you really got to know is the hourly work rates. Most of repairs may take a long time, so better take that into account. When it comes to specific auto parts, you must also compare the prices. Most of the shops will offer lower prices for parts when you also avail their services. Calculate the different combinations and choose the most budget-friendly.

2.) Reputation – It is always nice to have a friend or a relative that you can trust when it comes to giving you recommendations on which shop is the trustworthy. It is even better if the owner is your friend, but for those who do not have such luxury, there is always social media sites like Yelp. Be careful with some blogs that give glowing reviews since these might be paid advertisements by the repair shops themselves. Certifications are required when you are looking for the best repair shops in your area. You must make sure that the repair shop has AAA certification or has any equivalent, and the shop should also adhere to the Motorist Assurance Program Code of Ethics and their employees are ASE-certified technicians.

3.) In writing – All of your deals should be detailed in writing so if there are problems along the way, you will be at least safe in the legal side of things.

4.) Claim the Old Parts – You have all the rights to take back all of the replaced items if ever the shop replaced them with new ones. Retaking the old parts will ensure you that they did replace the parts.


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