Cheap Car Cost Repair Tips

Car repair and cheap does not come hand in hand, not until you read this. Still, car repair costs will cut through your budget if you are not ready. You can be extra careful all you want, but the truth is, machines breakdown, that is their nature.

In order to have to cut short your trips to the repair shop, here are some tips that should help you maintain that tip top condition of your vehicle.

cheap car repair tips

Oil Change

The best pre-emptive measures that you can practice to prevent your vehicle from costly engine repairs is oil change. Remember, replacing engines cost thousands of GBP, while just changing the oil is much cheaper.

The standard practice is changing oil every 3,000 miles worth of travel. However, engine manufacturers do vary with their specs, so you better look at you manufacturer’s manual or website to check the recommended oil change frequency. Usually luxury cars can endure more mileage before needing an oil change.


Again, check your manual or your vehicle’s profile in the manufacturer’s website for the maintenance schedule. Aside from oil change, as mentioned above, there are other maintenance services that your vehicle might need to maintain its health for the long ride.

Physical Check

You, yourself, should look at your vehicle’s condition. It does not mean that you have regular check-up in the shops that everything is fine. Check the tire pressure, the levels of oil and coolant, check the engine, check the dashboard lights, check your brakes, and check everything.

Aftermarket Parts

The original equipment manufacturer parts are usually expensive when the aftermarket parts usually do the same functions but a fraction of a price. You do need some trustworthy sellers when buying these parts. However, if you have a trusted repair shop, they will always hook you up with aftermarket parts and usually with a discount if they are the ones who will service your vehicle. Important though, using aftermarket parts will void your warranty. If you have a good warranty plan, within the warranty period you should have the OEM parts for free. If the warranty expires, it is time for you to buy the aftermarket parts for cheaper solutions.


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